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What is Lean Canvas: Definition and Examples

Learn everything you need to know about the lean canvas, its building blocks, and how it can help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Emil Tabakov
Jun 219 min read

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Should a Startup Raise Funding and When

Fundraising has a lot of underlying factors that need to be considered and it is dependent on both availability of options and personal preference. The whole topic requires a book on its own and while in this article we are not going to aim for completeness, I believe that you will get enough information to start shaping your own thinking about funding.

Vesko Kolev
Oct 28, 20228 min read
The Role of Passion and Purpose in Entrepreneurship
passion vs purpose

Talking with aspiring and early tech entrepreneurs we’ve found out time and time again that often the real meaning of passion and purpose is misunderstood...

Vesko Kolev
Oct 21, 20225 min read
How to Have Good Startup Ideas?
startup ideas

“I want to become an entrepreneur, but I don’t have a good startup idea.” I can’t stress enough how many times we’re hearing that from aspiring entrepreneurs...

Vesko Kolev
Oct 14, 20228 min read
The #1 Root Cause Startups Fail

The success rate of startups is very low - 9 out of 10 startups fail. And that has been the case for years...

Vesko Kolev
Oct 7, 20225 min read
Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Celebrated

Entrepreneurship in the true sense of the word is an act of creation and innovation. An act of providing something of value to the world which is so g...

Vesko Kolev
Sep 30, 20226 min read
You Can Be an Entrepreneur! Period.
born vs made

This is not an article on how to become an entrepreneur. It is an article on whether you can actually be one. There is a widespread belief that entre...

Vesko Kolev
Sep 20, 20225 min read
Why Becoming a Tech Entrepreneur Is The Next Step of Your Career

You’ve probably started your career in the software industry about five or maybe even ten years ago. Your first steps were as a software developer, UX...

Vesko Kolev
Aug 1, 20226 min read
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