Leap to Entrepreneurship
De-risk the Leap to Entrepreneurship
Save Time
Avoid Mistakes and Save Time
Odds of Success
Increase Your Odds of Success

Do you feel the urge

to create something yours and positively impact the world?
But you...

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    ...don't feel you have a good idea?
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    ...don't have somebody to partner with?
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    ...don't know what the entrepreneurship steps are?

Without these, it just feels too risky to make the leap and bet your steady paycheck.

We are here to help you.

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Icanpreneur is action-oriented platform and online community of aspiring co-founders where you will...

De-risk the Leap
De-risk the Leap to Entrepreneurship

Smooth the transition from a steady paycheck to entrepreneurship and go from idea to investment without quitting your day job.

Save Time
Avoid Mistakes and Save Time

Boost your effectiveness and avoid pondering on issues already encountered and solved thousands of times.

Odds of Success
Increase Your Odds of Success

Follow structured and practically proven entrepreneurship journey and significantly increases your odds of success.

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How will icanpreneur enable you

to transform your life and become a successful entrepreneur?

Align with your purpose

Ever felt demotivated to get up in the morning and work towards goals that you don't feel connected to? This is usually called a "job".

Imagine working on something that you deeply care about - it will bring you fulfillment & help you persevere through times of hardships.

Discover your values

Ever felt that you are not compatible with the environment around you and trying to fit in goes against who you are?

Clarity on your values will reflect your sense of what is right and what is wrong. Behaving within them brings peace of mind.

Discover a co-founder

Ever wanted to pursue a startup idea but felt alone against the world as if none is on your side?

A good partner is not only about complementary skills, but is also about aligned, common purpose and compatible values.

Discover an initial idea

Ever felt like you don't have good ideas and even doubt that you can come up with such? Or you have so many that you don't know which one is right for you?

Knowing your purpose and values helps you discover ideas and define which are "in" and which are "out".

Follow the idea to investment journey

Ever felt that entrepreneurship is like gambling? Too much art, too much talent, too much luck, no success rate improvement over time.

It doesn't need to be the case! Following a practically proven journey that focuses your attention one step at a time will significantly improve your odds of success.

Surround with like-minded people

Ever felt the need for a real community of like-minded people that undergo the same challenges as you do where you can support each other and find mentorship?

Icanpreneur brings not only the aspired entrepreneurs together, but also gives the common mental models and frameworks. This is the enabler of productive discussions, experience sharing and mentorship.

Build your pitch and get investment

Ever wondered how you can replace your salary and get enough money to fund your startup?

You do that by getting funding from investors! Once you've been creative within the guidelines of our systematic approach, your idea is ready to get funded. You will get help in building your pitch deck and will connect you with the right investor for your idea.

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So here is the plan...

Become one of the first 100 icanpreneurs

Get exclusive access to the icanpreneur platform before its general availability.

Follow the Entrepreneurship Journey

Clarify your purpose, find a co-founder and follow the journey, without quitting your job.

Fulfill your dream and become an entrepreneur

Build your pitch, get investment and make a smooth transition to enterpreneurship.

Be among the first 100 icanpreneurs and let's shape the future together!

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Who are we and why do we care?

Hey! My name is Vesko and I know exactly how you feel!

After I had a great career in great companies, I've come to a point when I felt the urge to pursue a higher purpose I deeply care about. The transition from a great, well-paid job to pursuing the dream of becoming an entrepreneur was really hard, especially when having a family that counts on you. And I've asked myself: Why is that so hard? How can the transition be easier? How can I help more people fulfill their dreams and become successful and impactful entrepreneurs?

I made the leap and took the risk. And together with my team it became our purpose to build a bridge behind us for everyone else.

Vesko Kolev - Founder and CEO
Vesko Kolev Founder and CEO
Katelina Boykova - CDO
Katelina Boykova CDO
Kristian Kirov - CTO
Kristian Kirov CTO
Andrey Mladenov - CIO
Andrey Mladenov CIO
Vesko Kolev Founder and CEO
Katelina Boykova CDO
Kristian Kirov CTO
Andrey Mladenov CIO

Start your journey

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