The Land of the Never Started Startups

Have you ever had this great startup idea and you never did anything about it? Do you feel like you get work done only when the deadline is approaching at you with supersonic speed? It sounds like you are a procrastinator! And so is the majority of humankind in some shape and form.
Emil Tabakov

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Great Startup Teams Are Built, Not Gathered
Behind every great startup there is a great team of talented individuals. However, a great startup team requires more than just bringing the right people with the right expertise together. It also requires deliberate effort of team building at a basic human level.
Vesko Kolev
Not Doing Solution Validation Because of Henry Ford
Principles are a very powerful tool for reasoning and decision making and are especially important when it comes to complex areas like entrepreneurship. However, to successfully apply principles it is important to make sure that we interpret them correctly and understand their true meaning.
Vesko Kolev
The Connection Between Customer Needs, Problems & Outcomes
How should I think about what I’m solving for my customers? Should I focus on customer needs, customer problems or desired outcomes? The goal of this article is to provide a conceptual model that clarifies the differences between each of these concepts and how they are connected.
Vesko Kolev
Don’t Build Products for Everyone
Entrepreneurs often believe that addressing a broader market and targeting practically everyone is the strategy that gives them the best chances for success. The reality is that a startup cannot effectively build and market a product for everyone. Here is why.
Vesko Kolev
You Validated Your Startup Idea With Customers, Right?
Most of the founders talk to customers in an effort to validate their ideas. In the majority of cases startups still end up building stuff nobody needs or wants. In this article we will share some of the typical mistakes that we see founders making when talking to customers in order to validate their startup ideas.
Vesko Kolev
These Are NOT Your True Competitors
Being an early stage tech startup focused on improving the odds of success of other early stage tech startups puts us at Icanpreneur in a really unique position. In a typical week we get to talk with a lot of aspiring and early tech entrepreneurs. In this article we will focus on one of the most typical early-stage mistakes that we see - answering the question of who your true competitors are.
Vesko Kolev
Demystifying the Startup Funding Rounds
Way too often in our conversations with aspiring and early tech entrepreneurs we see a huge knowledge gap when it comes to fundraising. In this article we will focus on providing some clarity on the different startup funding rounds and how to think about them.
Vesko Kolev
Should a Startup Raise Funding and When
Fundraising has a lot of underlying factors that need to be considered and it is dependent on both availability of options and personal preference. The whole topic requires a book on its own and while in this article we are not going to aim for completeness, I believe that you will get enough information to start shaping your own thinking about funding.
Vesko Kolev
The Role of Passion and Purpose in Entrepreneurship
Talking with aspiring and early tech entrepreneurs we’ve found out time and time again that often the real meaning of passion and purpose is misunderstood...
Vesko Kolev
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