Icanpreneur is an Accelerator-as-a-Software for tech entrepreneurs where you will...

Validate ideas
Validate Startup Ideas Effectively

Evolve your startup ideas to address real market needs that enough customers are ready to pay for.

Make progress
Make Real Progress in Your Spare Time

Advance your startup ideas by working for as little as 1-2 hours in one sitting, without risking your job.

Always Focus on the Right Thing

Follow a structured & practically proven entrepreneurial journey that will focus you on the right thing, one step at a time.

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How will Icanpreneur enable you

to transform your life and become a successful entrepreneur?

Make the impact you care about

Ever felt demotivated to get up in the morning and work towards goals that you don't feel connected to? This is usually called a "job".

Imagine making a real progress working on something you deeply care about - it will bring you fulfillment & help you persevere through times of hardships.

Validate your startup ideas

Ever felt like your ideas might not be good enough? Or you have so many that you don't know which ones are right for you?

Just capture all the ideas you deeply care about as a starting point. The guided journey will help you validate and evolve them to ones worth pursuing.

Collaborate with teammates

Ever wanted to pursue a startup idea but felt alone against the world as if no one is on your side?

Icanpreneur will be your ever-present entrepreneurial guide on the path to your startup success. Add teammates at any time, collaborate effectively and enjoy the journey together.

Follow the guided entrepreneurial journey

Ever felt that entrepreneurship is like gambling? Too much art, too much talent, too much luck, no success rate improvement over time.

It doesn't need to be the case! Following a practically proven journey that focuses your attention one step at a time will significantly improve your odds of success.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Ever felt the need for a real community of like-minded people that undergo the same challenges as you do where you can support each other?

Icanpreneur brings aspiring entrepreneurs together and enables productive discussions and experience sharing through common mental models and frameworks.

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What entrepreneurs say about us...

I love that icanpreneur gives me a clear path to how to transform a great idea into a product. The platform removes all the noise and guides you step by step on the entrepreneur's journey. I love how simple and focused everything is! For me, it was a no-brainer to join as an early adopter as I trust the team behind the platform and their expertise in building successful products. I feel confident that all the ideas we have at Soft Skills Pills will be tested and developed in a structured and efficient way!
Hari Haralambiev
Hari Haralambiev Co-Founder, Tochka 2
Continuous innovation, not just the best business ideas, is what sets the leading companies apart from the rest. At OfficeRnD, we treat every new project as a startup on its own, going through the whole journey again and again. This is where Icanpreneur truly shines — it guides you meticulously through this process, organizing your thoughts and maintaining a sharp focus on the right aspects at every step. Its value lies in its ability to bring clarity to the often perplexing task of building a business model.
Miroslav Nedyalkov
Miroslav Nedyalkov Co-Founder, OfficeRnD
After more than a decade of providing essential services to startups, I embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey and founded my own tech startup. It was at this moment that I truly understood the profound difference in perspective between being a service provider to tech startups and being a founder of one. The complexities and uncertainties I encountered inspired me to seek guidance, and that's when I discovered Icanpreneur. As an early adopter of this invaluable platform, I have found a trusted companion that offers comprehensive guidance and a tailored roadmap, ensuring that I have the knowledge and direction to make informed decisions throughout the startup process. Icanpreneur has become an essential resource for any seasoned service provider venturing into the realm of launching their own tech startup.
Danail Koev
Danail Koev Co-Founder & CEO, VEDA Accounting
To start a new business from scratch can be scary and confusing, but Icanpreneur makes it easier to take the first steps and generate a creative momentum. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to organise their ideas, filter the most promising ones, and execute key hypothesis validation. The tool is super user-friendly and it's basically like a one stop shop for startup enthusiasts with modest or no entrepreneurial experience who want to move fast and (NB!) in the right direction.
Karina Karagaeva
Karina Karagaeva CEO & Founder, Mindset Design
For a long time I wondered whether to develop my ideas and start my own business, as I was not sure that this was my path. I wasn’t sure where to start. That changed completely when I heard about the idea of Icanpreneur. The systematic approach to finding out whether my idea has a potential and the path to developing it into a successful business was a game-changer for me. By following the step-by-step guidance of the Icanpreneur’s software I was able to implement the first programming courses focused on women in Bulgaria and the emotions that this experience brought me were beyond positive!
Rositsa Fakalieva
Rositsa Fakalieva Founder, Programming with Rossi
I believe the Icanpreneur platform is the most direct way from 'I have an idea' to a successful startup. What I like about it is its design to guide the young and inexperienced entrepreneur, hand in hand, step by step, through the process of creating their first startup. As the creator of DevHubOne, I see every single project as a potential new startup, and I believe Icanpreneur will help us in their faster and successful implementation.
Vasil Anastasov
Vasil Anastasov Founder and CEO, DevHubOne
Entrepreneurship is a discipline of action, perseverance and focus. Yet, misdirected knowledge can seriously impede progress. That is why Icanpreneur is the ultimate companion of budding entrepreneurs. It facilitates a smooth transition from the security of a steady paycheck to the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, offering practical and structured guidance every step of the way. My decision to join Icanpreneur as an early adopter stems from my conviction that there is a genuine demand for tailored and synthesized guidance among first-time entrepreneurs.
Nikola Ruychev
Nikola Ruychev Co-Founder & CEO, AIoTCloud
As a product guy in multiple product teams, I have seen how following a disciplined approach towards finding a product-market fit can be the difference between a successful product and a failed one. Teams thrive when good product practices are followed but that knowhow is typically spread among different books, frameworks and trainings. Icanpreneur is what brings everything together in one place through a journey that is easy to follow and understand for people with no previous experience in product management or entrepreneurship.
Emil Tabakov
Emil Tabakov Senior Product Manager, Coursera
Icanpreneur has truly been a game-changing platform for me as an aspiring entrepreneur, providing the ultimate path to validate my startup idea. Through its exceptional guidance and structured approach, Icanpreneur has empowered me to confidently navigate the complexities of transforming a mere idea into a concrete action plan. However, what truly sets Icanpreneur apart is its vibrant ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs, who effectively support each other and serve as an endless source of inspiration. If you have a billion dollar idea, put it to the test and find the guidance to make it happen.
Chris Tsanov
Chris Tsanov Account Executive, Quantive (formerly Gtmhub) 
Icanpreneur is like a personal coach and toolbox rolled into one. It is perfect for entrepreneurs of all experience levels and backgrounds. What immediately caught my attention is the platform's name, as it encapsulates my core belief that anyone can be an entrepreneur if they have the right mindset, environment, and a proven step-by-step process to rely on. My journey with Icanpreneur has just begun, but I have already gained more clarity on my vision and started taking concrete steps towards my goals.
Desislava Sredkova
Desislava Sredkova Founder, Awblak Design Studio
Icanpreneur has been helpful in capturing my diverse range of ideas. The platform provides me with a structured approach to my entrepreneurial journey, guiding me through each fundamental step with ease. The canvas feature offers a convenient way to view the big picture on a single screen, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall value proposition. I greatly appreciate how Icanpreneur empowers me to navigate my journey with clarity and confidence.
Martin Markov
Martin Markov CEO, Appolica
With the enhanced clarity and streamlined approach provided by Icanpreneur’s Accelerator-as-a-Software, I am well-positioned to transform my idea into a thriving business. It has empowered me to take decisive actions, make informed decisions, and confidently move forward on my entrepreneurial path. I am excited about the potential that lies ahead and grateful to have found a mean that accelerates my progress as I strive to make my entrepreneurial dreams a reality.
Hristo Germanov
Hristo Germanov Senior Software Developer, Progress
Icanpreneur has been an invaluable resource for my startup journey. Through their platform, I gained a deeper understanding of my business idea, the problems it solves, the potential customers, the value proposition, etc. The guidance and theory provided on defining all critical aspects of my idea were instrumental in achieving better alignment with my startup's product-market fit. I highly recommend Icanpreneur to any aspiring entrepreneur looking to refine their business strategy. I am a technical founder struggling with the business part of my startup, and I use the Icanpreneur platform to overcome that.
Nikolay Demirev
Nikolay Demirev Founder, Tripinfy
I am deeply drawn to the Icanpreneur platform because of its commitment to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and fostering innovation. The platform's comprehensive approach, combining guidance, validation, and community support, aligns with my passion for supporting and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. I believe in the potential of Icanpreneur to make a significant impact by providing invaluable resources and opportunities for individuals seeking to turn their ideas into successful ventures.
Silvia Pribilovska
Silvia Pribilovska Sales and Partner Specialist, Telerik Academy School
As a person with a procedures preference I work on the principle that there is a best way or a right way to do something. I want to know what the best practices are and that takes time and energy researching on various sources. What I have been observing so far from my interaction with Icanpreneur is that it’s a great tool for people who prefer working with structured programs and not wasting time and energy relying on luck instead of intentionally searching for the right framework that empowers their working capacity. Icanpreneur has a unique approach to entrepreneurship with its guided software-based journey, which significantly improves the time spent on searching for the best practices and resources, and at the same time delivers an innovative user experience. I highly recommend Icanpreneur as it guides a team to start from an initial idea and reach a product/market fit.
Radinela Dimitrakova-Hindliyan
Radinela Dimitrakova-Hindliyan COO & Founder, Mindset Design

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Make a smooth transition to being a founder and get the freedom to work full-time on things you care about.

Be among the first 200 icanpreneurs and let's shape the future together!

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Who are we and why do we care?

Hey! My name is Vesko and I know exactly how you feel!

After I had a great career in great companies, I've come to a point when I felt the urge to pursue a higher purpose I deeply care about. The transition from a great, well-paid job to pursuing the dream of becoming an entrepreneur was really hard, especially when having a family that counts on you. And I've asked myself: Why is that so hard? How can the transition be easier? How can I help more people fulfill their dreams and become successful and impactful entrepreneurs?

I made the leap and took the risk. And together with my team it became our purpose to build a bridge behind us for everyone else.

Vesko Kolev - Founder and CEO
Vesko Kolev Founder and CEO
Katelina Boykova - CDO
Katelina Boykova CDO
Kristian Kirov - CTO
Kristian Kirov CTO
Andrey Mladenov - CIO
Andrey Mladenov CIO
Vesko Kolev Founder and CEO
Katelina Boykova CDO
Kristian Kirov CTO
Andrey Mladenov CIO

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